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Offering Northeast Ohio skaters first-rate and affordable Learn-To-Skate programs and practice sessions for Competitive Figure Skaters

Spring Swizzle 2016 Info Page

John M. Coyne Recreation Center
7600 Memphis Ave.
Brooklyn, OH 44144

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Special ice time offered at a low rate for figure skaters throughout the Cleveland area. All pros welcome to teach!

Our annual summer skating program offers 12 weeks of figure skating sessions, including Moves-in-the-Field, Freestyle, Pairs and Dance.

This program offers affordable ice skating lessons to people of all ages. In these classes, students learn the basic fundamentals of ice skating in a fun-filled environment which is based on the US Skating Basic Skills program.

SNOWPLOW (TOTS) (Ages 3-5): Snowplow 1-3 is designed especially for pre-school age children. At this level, skills are kept simple and fun with lots of play time and games.

BASIC SKILLS (Ages 6-15): Basic 1-4 teaches children the beginning skills in ice skating from stopping to forward crossovers. Whether you wish to be a figure skater, hockey player, or just want to learn how to skate for fun, this program is the perfect place to begin!

ADVANCED BASIC SKILLS: Basic 5-8 is designed for skaters who are interested in learning the basics of becoming figure skaters. Basic jumps, spins, and edges are introduced at this level.

FREESKATE: Freeskate 1-6 offers skaters the chance to learn more advanced jumps, spins, edge work and moves-in-the-field.
***Freeskate 7 Class*** Competitive Beginner - Pre-Preliminary: This is a special group class for skaters who have successfully passed Freeskate 6 and wish to continue working on advanced free skating moves.

ADULT (16 & up): Adult Learn-to-Skate is a series of classes designed for skaters 16 and above. Learn with adults of all ages and ability levels. It's never too late to learn how to ice skate!

The Advanced Bridge Program is a weekly half-hour program that allows our skaters to work with private instructors and prepare for Basic Skills competitions. For more info on this program, click on the 'Bridge Program' link on the left hand column of this webpage.

For skaters who are at at least Snowplow 2 level in Learn-To-Skate classes there is an opportunity for you to compete! Each year there are six Basic Skills competitions in our area (January--Euclid, March--Kent, April--Strongsville, July--Mentor, October--Canton, and November--Brooklyn). If you would like to show off your skills and compete against skaters from other rinks this is a great opportunity!


Performance Ensemble class is open to all skaters levels Freeskate 1 through Preliminary, ages 18 and under. During the fall-spring our class meets on Saturday afternoons. Skaters work towards performing routines to music of different genres that will performed at a Lake Erie Monsters Game (March/April), at our spring ice show/exhibitions.

Power and Edges for Figure Skating : This class is designed to teach skaters how to maximize their speed and power on the ice by using different crossover and edge drills. This class is also good for building up endurance and agility. It is open to all skaters Basic 5 and above.

Artistry for Figure Skating (SUMMER ONLY): This class will teach skaters about musicality and how to use different arms, steps, and choreography to create a well-balanced program.

Intro to Ice Dancing (SUMMER ONLY): Ice dancing is a specialized area of figure skating that teaches rhythm, timing of steps, and skating with a partner. It is very similar to ballroom dancing. This year the class will be learning the Canasta Tango from the Preliminary Dance test.

Intro to Moves in the Field (SUMMER ONLY): Moves in the Field are a series of tests which measure a skaterís ability to follow a standard skating pattern without music. Moves tests must be passed in front of US Figure Skating judges before a skater is allowed to test in other disciplines of skating. Moves are designed to measure accuracy of steps, flow, edge quality, extension, posture, power, and quickness. This class will teach skaters the Pre-Preliminary moves test which includes forward perimeter stroking, basic consecutive edges, forward right and left foot spirals and the waltz eight. This class is a great place to begin the journey into US Figure Skating testing and competing.


Every year, the skaters of the Brooklyn Blade on Ice Program have the opportunity to showcase their talents in our spring ice show or exhibition. These events are the highlight of our Learn-To-Skate season! Our most recent show, "Inspired" was held June 5-6, 2015 and featured skaters from our professional Brooklyn Blades on Ice staff, the Brooklyn Blades on Ice Program and the Brooklyn Figure Skating Club.

For more detailed information and skating schedules, please contact the rink at (216)351-5334 and leave a message for the skating program directors, Elizabeth Misson and GraceAnn Demarest.
For daily public ice schedules call (216)351-5333.

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Brooklyn Blades on Ice is officially registered through U-S Figure Skating Basic Skills

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